A Syrian Brother Buried Alive While Saying the Shahaadah

WARNING: Disturbing content

As this brother is being buried alive, the eyes can't but help shed tears of shame and the heart can't but fear the standing in front of Allah Almighty. May Allah Almighty save us from being asked on the Day of Judgement about how we are living such easy lives while some chosen and unique Muslims today are following the footsteps of Sumayyah (may Allah be pleased with her), Bilaal (may Allah be pleased with him) and other exceptional and valiant Muslims who were and are courageous in front of the tyrants. The least we can do is to not buy into the false lies and propoganda against this video. Please help, one hundred pounds can provide a family with an emergency food pack that will last for many weeks, Allah Willing (click here for assured 100% donations policy).

May Allah Almighty also make our last words the same as this brother's. Aameen.

O Allah! Save us on a Day when neither loved ones nor powerful ones will be able to help unless by Your Permission

"Showing a man screaming for his life as he is buried alive at gunpoint, this could be the most shocking video yet to emerge from Syria...a sick reminder of a brutal civil battle for supremacy the West appears powerless to prevent...a man is seen buried up to his neck and surrounded by a handful of soldiers allegedly loyal to President Bashar al-Assad's brutal regime.
As the unit's commanding officer approaches, subtitles say: 'Yes sir, we placed him in there as you have ordered.'
The officer asks: 'What's he got? Did you find anything with this damn animal?'
The helpless man, described as being from Al-Qussair, a rebel city in western Syria near Homs, is then accused of carrying a camera to capture footage Assad's forces to send to television networks... is called an 'animal' several times and a 'dog' before the order is given to bury him. The surrounding soldiers then shovel dirt over his head as the man cries 'I bear witness that there is no god by Allah'.
As his head disappears from view under the ground, the soldiers taunt him saying: 'Say that there's no god but Bashar you animal.'
None of the soldiers' faces are visible in the video and it is not clear who obtained it or how before the footage was posted on YouTube.
It is just the latest disturbing clip to emerge allegedly depicting atrocities in Syria since the rebellion began more than a year ago." (Daily Mail)


Buried: The clip posted on YouTube shows a brother buried up to his chin, with his head covered with a scarf, in Syria


Soldiers, loyal to President Assad's regime, surround the brother as he is trapped in the ground.


The soldiers then pile on dirt with a shovel, covering the brother's head as he continues to say the Shahaadah.


Seconds later the brother's head is completely obscured as he has been buried alive.

May Allah Almighty give him the highest rank possible in Paradise, accept him to be of the Martyrs, and make him a means by which Muslims at large wake up from their Ghaflah (heedlessness). Aameen.

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