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This style of scarf works best if the fabric is a bit stretchy.


  • Purchase .5m (1/2yd) of fabric.
  • Cut a rectangle 56cm x 48cm (22"x19").
  • Fold back one long edge (wrong sides together) 12cm (4.5").



  • Use a decorative stitch with matching thread: stitch 1/2" away from the folded edge.
  • Stitch along the first raw edge with a straight stitch.
  • Hem the bottom raw edge as desired.
  • Fold in half, right sides together, Diagram Two.
  • Stitch the vertical seam to form a tube. Fold out.

How to wear this underscarf

Wear this underscarf like a headband, with all of your hair in the "tube". I usually pull it down around my neck, then pull it back so my hair is swept off from my face and neck.



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