About the Course:


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This online course is a short course with 2 desktop video presentations on how to gain more confidence as a Muslimah in her Deen (religion) and generally, as a person. A PDF booklet is also available for download.

The course fee is £45 via. Paypal. The fee is a one off payment and is not refundable. The course is only accessible for one month after date of payment.

I have put a lot of effort and time into the course and i hope you a life-changing experience :) I  also hope to introduce similar online courses in the near future.

For any questions or suggestions please email: idealmuslimah.com@gmail.com. JazaakAllaah!


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Please fill out the following form to make payment for the Online Course: Confidence in Her Stride . The amount you need to pay to join is £45.00 . After the payment goes through you will receive a username and password within 24hrs with access the entire course.