المكتبة الشاملة

Description and Features

1) A library containing an initial amount of 5300 books on the various Islaamic sciences [only Arabic] organized into appropriate categories and identity cards for many of the books and authors.

2) Highly advanced searching capabilities, including choosing single or multiple books to search in, ignoring or including the various forms of the letter Hamza, searching for book titles, searching within the books, searching in the comments section of the books, searching for the authors, and searching for multiple words either by “and” or using “or” criteria.

3) Ability to edit books, bookmark favorite locations, open multiple books at the same time, remove or keep the Tashkeel (Arabic punctuation marks) from texts (when available), and to associate books of Sharh (commentaries) with their respective Matn (text – when available).

4) Ability to change background image of the application, and changing the font and color of various levels of text and background in the software (e.g. main text, comments, titles, footnotes, etc.).

5) Ability to export the books to HTML files, (.doc) files (requires Microsoft Word on the device), and (.bok) files (requires the empty version of the library) with various export options.

6) Ability to update the library and download new books from within the software.

Main Screen of the Library:



Download the Library

Download the library from this link:

Alternative links: Archive | IslamWay | darcoran | almktba | More…


1) The file that you download is a zip file. Open the file.

Downloaded library zip file:


2) Run the (.exe) file within the zip archive.

Run the executable file:


3) A dialog box should appear. Click “Browse” to choose the location where you want to extract the files of the library then click “Install” to begin extraction.

Note: Choose a drive where there are at least 4 to 6 Gigabytes of free space.

Extract the library files:


4) Wait for the files to be extracted to your desired location.

Wait for the extraction of the files to finish:


5) After the extraction is done, go to the destination folder that you chose in Step 3) above and you should see a folder named “Library“. Open that folder and run the “Setup.exe” file in it.

Run the "Setup.exe" file:


6) A dialog box should come up. Click the button “إستعراض” to choose a location to install the setup and shortcut files of the library to. This installation requires only about 20 MB of space. Then click “موافق” to begin installation.

Choose a location to install the setup files to:


7) Wait for the installation to finish.

Wait for installation to finish:


8) After the installation finishes, the library should run.

Main Screen of the Library:


Adding More Books

There are four ways by which you can add new books:

A] Adding New Books from within the Library:

1) After you upgrade to the latest edition, as shown in the above steps, open the library. Click on the menu item “ترقية حية” then click the submenu item “ترقية البرنامج والكتب الآن“.


2) A dialog box should come up. If there is internet connection, it should search for new program upgrade and new books. If there are any new books, it should show them as checkbox items. Choose the items that you want and click “تحميل تلقائي” to begin downloading them from within the library.

Choose and begin downloading new books:


3) After you begin downloading the book(s) you chose, wait until the download finishes.

Wait while the book download finishes:


4) After the download is finished, restart the library and the new books should be added to the library.

B] Downloading New Books from

1) Visit the website

The website:


2) Choose a category of books. Then choose the book you want to download. You can also search by book title or author name. The books are in (.bok) format that is recognized by the library. However, what you download is compressed in a zip archive. So, after you download, extract the content of the zip archive to get the (.bok) file.

The downloaded book after it is extracted:


3) Now go open the library itself. Click the menu item “شاشات” then click the submenu item “استيراد ملفات“.


4) A new window should appear. Browse to the location where you extracted the new book in (.bok) format. Click on the book (or books) you want to import, and drag it over to the bottom list. Then click the lightning icon at the bottom-right side of the screen whose comment reads

"استيراد الكتب إلى البرنامج".

Import the new book(s) to the library:


5) After that, a confirmation message should come up telling you that the import was successful.

C] Downloading Books from

1) Visit the page

Visit the IslamPort website.


2) Choose a category. Then download a book. You can also search by book title or author name. Extract the content of the zip file. Then follow the same steps as discussed for the website above.

D] Downloading Books from

1) The website hosts a massive collection of books, encyclopedias, and programs, as well as other services, for free. Visit the page

Visit the website.


2) Browse through the different categories and download the book(s) you want. If it is book designed for the Shaamila library, follow the same steps as those described for above to import them to the library.

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