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money1. Ask Allah for Forgiveness. (In Surah Nuh, Allah [az] says, {Ask your Lord for forgiveness...He will increase you in wealth.}

2. Fulfill ties of Kinship (Silat ar-Rahim). Anas, may Allah be pleased with him, said, 'Whoever likes to have increase in his rizq (provision) and to live long, should honor ties with his blood relatives.' [ Bukhari and Muslim ]

3. Halal Business. Allah [az] says in the Qur'aan, {And Allah made business transactions halal and riba (usury) Haram.}

4. Interest Free Loans, Qardh Hasan. Allah [swt] says in the Qur'aan, {Who is it that will loan to Allah a goodly loan, so that Allah may compound it many times?} The Prophet (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said: "And whoever fulfills the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his needs." [ Bukhari and Muslim ]

5. Zakah (700x return, promise from Allah). Allaah has said ‘O Children of Adam, spend!  I will spend on you.' Also, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “...Money will never decrease because of charity.” [al-Tirmidi]

6. Taqwa. Allah [az] says in the Qur'aan, {And whoever has Taqwa of Allah, Allah makes a way out for them, and provides for them from where they would not imagine}

7. Dua. Remember to make the supplication, "rabbana aatina fid dunya hasanah..." (O Allah! Give us goodness in this life, and goodness in the next, and protect us from Hellfire.)



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