stonesseaAn ancient wisdom: "Do good, then throw it into the sea."

This is one of my favourite quotes because of the depth of meaning. Don't keep a tab on all the good deeds that you do, that's a job which angels are assigned to. So when you do a righteous act, do it with sincerity then forget about it and move on to the next good deed. When you help someone, do it well and then forget it; don't remind them of your favour and don't hold on to its memory either because Shaytan has ways of trying to pollute even those deeds which we've done in the past and what victory he seeks by ruining not just our present good deeds but past ones too!

So rush to do the khayr and then throw it's memory to the back of your mind; your sea of thoughts, and don't dwell on them. For Allah always remembers and the sea always throws back it's pearls and contents.