scenenew11. Beautiful Reception

After returning from work, school, travel, or whatever has separated you, begin with a good greeting.

2. Beautify and Soften the Voice

*For your husband only, it shouldn't be used in front of non-mahram men.

3- Smelling Good and Physical Beautification

However, you should avoid excessiveness with these things and, of course, only act as such in front of mahram men and women.

4- Intercourse

5- Satisfaction With What Allah (the Mighty) Has Allotted

6- Indifference to Worldly Things

7- Appreciation

8- Devotion and Loyalty

9- Compliance to Him

10-Pleasing Him If He Is Angry

1- If you are mistaken, then apologize.


2- If he is mistaken then:

# Keep still instead of arguing or,
       # Yield and say, 'You're right.' or,
            # Wait until he is no longer angry and discuss the matter peacefully with him.

3- If he becomes angry because of external reasons then:

# Keeping silent until his anger goes,
       # Find excuses for him, e.g. tired, problems at work, some one insulted him,
             # Do not ask many questions and insist on knowing what happened, e.g.

- "You should tell me what happened?"

- "I must know what made you so angry."

- "You are hiding something, and I have the right to know."

11-Guardianship While He is Absent

12- Showing Respect for his Family and Friends

13- Admirable Jealousy

14-Patience and Emotional Support

15- Support in Obedience to Allah, Da'wah and Jihaad

16-Good Housekeeping

17-Preservation of Finances and the Family


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