redrosewateryAn important characteristic of the intelligent Muslim woman is that she does not describe any of her female friends or acquaintances to her husband, because this is forbidden according to the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him),

“No woman should talk about another woman, or describe her to her husband (so that it is) as if he sees her.” (See Fath al-Bari, 9/338, Kitab al-nikah, bab tabashir al-mar'ah al-mar'ah fatana'atha li zawjiha.)

Islaam wants people’s hearts to be at peace, and to put a stop to provocative thoughts and overactive imaginations, so that people may live their lives in a decent and calm fashion, free from such thoughts and so that they are able to go about performing the tasks and duties for which they were created.

No woman should let her husband's mind become preoccupied with cheap thoughts concerning the comparative nature between herself and the woman she describes to him, as his imagination may add to the woman’s supposed beauty.

Fear Allah and be careful O Sister! Be careful not lead your husband towards temptation, as this may make him go astray...and surely towards Allah (the Mighty, the Glorious) is our return.


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