shineflowerIt is with heavy hearts that we would like to inform you all that our dear beloved sister who worked so hard and sincerely in the main SOLACE team has returned to her Lord today at the tender age of 22.

Hikmah Adetunji, who coordinated all new SOLACE volunteers and was an integral part of the set up of this organisation to support revert sisters in difficulty was an example to us all. She played an important part in our organisation. She was always full of smiles, laughter, Naseehah and reminders of Allah.

We remember her fondly at our first initial meeting when SOLACE was simply an idea. Her excitement at the prospect of setting up SOLACE was contagious - she was full of ideas and was so excited of being a part of something that Allah would be pleased with.

She was a sister who was so sincere in everything that she did and particularly in her love for the aims behind the work that SOLACE does. There were many times that Sister Hikmah thanked Allah for the opportunity He gave her to support reverts who were less fortunate than she was. Her concern and her love for her work was evident right up until the last weeks of her life despite the way in which she was suffering.

The Director of SOLACE went to visit her in hospital as she battled with cancer and despite the excruciating pain, she asked after the sisters that SOLACE helps and apologised that she could not do the work connected with her role.

All at SOLACE loved her maashaa'Allah and she is going to be missed so very much.

We ask you all to please remember Hikmah Adetunji in your duas now that she faces the next part of her life - her grave. We ask Allah to illuminate her grave - to make it spacious, to forgive her, to shower his Mercy and blessings on her and to admit her into His Beautiful Gardens. Aameen. Please also remember her husband and family in your duas.

Hikmah's janazah will take place tomorrow (25th June 2012) at East London Mosque after Dhuhr Salaah. Please try to attend if possible and please do not forget this beautiful sister of ours in your duas.

We will miss Hikmah so much and we have truly been honoured to have her as part of our main SOLACE team.

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