• 1 quantity grilled chicken boti,
  • 3 tablespoons yogurt, beaten,
  • 1 level teaspoon chili powder,
  • Salt, to taste,
  • 1 teaspoon garam masala,
  • 1/4 cup oil,
  • 1 medium onion, coarsely chopped,
  • 1 medium tomatoes, chopped,
  • 1 inch piece ginger, cut into matchstick,
  • 3-4 green chilies, thinly sliced,
  • 1/4 cup coriander leaves, chopped.


1. Prepare chicken boti.

2. Combine yogurt, chili powder, salt and garam masala in a small bowl and keep aside.

3. Heat oil in a karahi over medium-high heat. Add barbecued chicken boti, onion and tomatoes. Stirring frequently, fry the chicken boti and during frying, add yogurt mixture little at a time. Cook until the tomatoes are deduced to pulp and oil separates from gravy, about 8-10 minutes.

4. Add ginger, green chilies and coriander leaves, stir once and transfer to serving dish. Decorate with lemon slices, onion rings and tomato slices, if wish.

5. Serve with Nan, Roti.

Variations: Mutton tikka fry and seekh kabab fry can be prepare in the same way. For seekh kabab fry, cut the kabab into 1 1/2 inch pieces before frying.

• Serves 6 people.

• Preparation Time: 15 minutes.

• Cooking Time: 20 minutes.


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