qurandrawnFULL NAME: ‘Alee ibn Hamzah ibn ‘Abd Allah al-Asadi al-Kisaaee, Abul Hasan (d. 189AH)

      1. From Koofah of Persian origin.
      2. He was the client of al-Asad.
      3. He was an Imaam of language, grammar and qiraa’ah. He (rahimahullah) was not only an Imaam in the Qira’at, but he was also skilled and proficient in Nahw (grammar).
      4. He settled in Baghdaad and was appointed Mu’addib (teacher) of the Abbasid Caliphs Haaroon al-Rasheed and al-Ma’moon.
      5. Later he was upgraded as a close associate of the court.
      6. He was very fond of wearing one particular clock and this might  be the reason why he was known as ‘Al-Kisaaee’ When asked about his nickname (al-Kisa’ee), he said,
      ‘Because I entered into Ihraam (Hajj/’Umrah) dressed in a Kisaa’ (garment).’
      1. He contributed many books.
      2. He died in Rayy at the age of seventy.

      Imam al-Shaafi’i (rahimahullah) said:

      ‘Whoever wishes to delve deep into Nahw, then he’ll be like a child compared to al-Kisa’ee.’

      Ibn al-Anbar said:

      ‘They concurred that he (al-Kisa’ee) was the most knowledgeable of Nahw, leading in understanding the gharib (unique terms in language) and the foremost in having knowledge of the Qur’an (Qira’at etc).’

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