quran-illumunatedThe ten authentic preserved qira’aat are as follows.

The first seven were preserved by Mujahid and by Imam Shatibi in his famous poem “Ash-Shatibiyyah”. The Qari of each style had his style preserved by two of his students, among whom there would be small variations but not as significant as the variations between the Qira’aat themselves. The Qari had many students but the choice of who preserved them was that of Imam Abu ‘Amar Ad-Daani [Whose tariqa is used in the so called "Pakistani" mus-hafs in the recitation of Hafs 'an Asim] in his famous book “Kitab At-Tayseer fil Qira’aatis Saba”. The name in the square bracket is what the Qira’ah and the Tariqah are more commonly known as.

1) From the Tabi’een, there was Imam ‘Asim ibn Abi Najood Al-Kufi ['Asim], who was the chief Qari of Kufah, Iraq at the time. Interestingly he was also the Qur’an teacher of Imam Abu Hanifa (rah) who recited in this style. The Qira’ah of Imam ‘Asim was preserved through his two students Shu’ba ibn ‘Iyaash Al-Kufi [Shu'ba] and Abu ‘Amr Hafs ibn Sulaiman Al-Asadi Al-Kufi [The tariqa of Hafs 'an 'Asim is the most prominent recitation used today by over 90% of the Muslim World. We all recite from in this style basically.]

2) Imaam Naf’i ibn Abdir-Rahman ibni Abi Na’eemil Laythi [Naf'i] from the holy city of Madinah, which recited in his Qira’ah. During his time he was the chief Qari of Madinah and had studied Qur’an from over seventy of the tabi’een. He was the Qur’an teacher of Imam Malik (rah) who recited in the Qira’ah of Nafi’. Imam Nafi’s Qira’ah was preserved through his two students ‘Isa ibn Mina Az-Zarqi [Qaloon] and of course Imam Abu Sa’eed ‘Uthman ibn Sa’eed Al-Misree [Warsh]. The Tariqaan of Imam Nafi’ are recited in many north african countries.

3) Imaam Abdullah ibn Kathir ibn ‘Umar Al-Makki [Ibn Kathir] of Makkah. He was also amongst the tabi’een and met some of the Companions of the Prophet (saw). His Qira’ah was the Qira’ah of the people of Makkah as well as Imam Shaf’i (rah). Preserved through two of his students Imam Abul Hassan Ahamd ibn Buzzah Al-Makki [Bazzi] and Imam Abu ‘Amr Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Al-Rahman [Qumbul].

4) Imaam Zabaan ibn Al-’Alaa ibn ‘Ammaar Al-Basree [Abu 'Amr], born in Makkah but moved to Basrah, Iraq where he was the chief reciter. Also studying the Qur’an with many of the Tabi’een. The two students preserving his recitation were Imam Hafs ibn ‘Umar Ad-Doori [Ad-Doori] and Imam Abu Shu’ayb Saalih ibn Ziyad As-Susi [Susi].

5) Imaam Abdullah ibn ‘Amir Al-Yahsabi ['Ibn 'Amir] of Damascus, Syria. His style was adopted by the people of Syria. He is also the reciter with the least people between him and the Prophet (saw), studying directly under the Sahabi Abu Ad-Darda (ra). His recitation was preserved by two students Imam Hisham ibn ‘Ammaar Ad-Damishqi [Hisham] and Imam Abdullah ibn Ahmad ibn Zhakwan [Ibn Zakhwan].

6) Imaam Hamzah ibn Habeeb Al-Kufi of Kufah, Iraq. He also met some of the Companions of the Prophet (saw). Preserved through Imam Khalaf ibn Hisham Al-Baghdadi [Khalaf 'An Hamza] (who also has his own Qira’ah, number 10) and Imam Abu ‘Isa Khallad ibn Khalid Ash-Shaybani [Khallad].

7) Imaam ‘Ali ibn Hamzah ibn ‘Abdillah also known [Al-Kisaa'ee] from Kufah, Iraq. Preserved through Imam Al-Layth ibn Khalid Al-Baghdadi and [Al-Layth] and the student of Abu’Amr Al-Basree, Imam Hafs ibn ‘Umar Ad-Doori [Ad-Doori].

8) Imaam Ya’qoob ibn Ishaq Al-Hadrami Al-Basri from Basrah, Iraq. Preserved by Imam Muhammad ibn Muttawakkil [Ruways] and Imam Ruh ibn Abdil Mu’min Al-Basree [Rooh].

9) Imaam Yazeed ibn Al-Qa’qa’ Al-Makhzoomi [Abu Ja'far al-Madani] from the Tabieen. Also one of the teacher of Imam Naf’i. He was in Madinah, preserved through Imam ‘Isa ibn Wardaan [Wardaan] and Imaam Sulayman ibn Jamaz [ibn Jamaz].

10) Imaam Khalaf ibn Hisham Al-Baghdadi [Khalaf] from Baghdaad, Iraq who was one of the preservers of the style of Hamzah al-Kufi, also had his Qira’ah. Preserved by Imam Ishaaq ibn ‘Uthmaan [Ishaq] and Imaam Idris ibn ‘Abdil Kareem Al-Baghdadi [Idrees].