clouds3"There are no good deed as the deeds done on these 10 days (Dhul Hijjah)." - Hadith

1.  Make a personal checklist of the things you'd like to achieve in these 10 days - extra nafl, fasting, teaching kids about its importance in a fun way etc.
2.  Fast - fasting one of these 10 days is the equivalent to fasting for a year, but particularly on the day of Arafat (9th day) as this expiates your sins for the previous year and the following year, Allhumdulilah.
3.  Qur'an - read it abundantly, set yourself a goal.  If you can't read it try to listen to it, you can get your CDs ready for the car, home etc.
4.  Strive for forgiveness - gain the mercy of Allah (swt) at Tahujjud, when you recite Istghfaar try to picture the things that you are asking forgiveness for.
5.  Help people - especially your parents, family, friends and neighbours.  Look for people who need help.
6.  Extra prayer - as much as you can.  If you wake up for fajr and remain praying until 20 mins after sunrise and then read 2 nafl Doha/Ishraq you will be rewarded the equivalent of doing Hajj and 'Umrah - SubhanAllah!  Or try and read 2 rakat after every wudhoo'.
7.  Du'a - make as much as you can as this is one of the best forms of 'ibadah, and try and use as many of Allah (swt) names as possible.
8.  Sacrifice - make your sacrifice sooner rather then later as the poor need to enjoy the meat on 'Eid ideally not after it!  Whoever is making a sacrifice is not permitted to cut their hair or nails for the 10 days.
9.  Takbeer - mention Allah (swt) name as much as you can, La illaha illah, Allahu Akbar, Allhumdulilah.
May Allah (swt) accept our efforts any may we all fulfil the above and more inshaa'Allah.