blackblueskyAs time continues to follow its course and the last day swiftly approaches, Muslims are increasingly facing violent and dark winds which wish to throw them off from the ocean of belief, righteousness and conviction unto the shore of disbelief, confusion and immorality. Some Muslims have become weak in the face of these winds; the darkness engulfs them and the winds easily sway them.  In truth, they have been hurled away into an identity crisis and they have forgotten the fleeting nature of this world. This group can’t offer a solution to the problems Muslims face today since they permeate weakness and so they only have weakness to offer.

On the other hand the true believers have found strength by prostrating and submitting to Allah [azza wa jall]]. They read the Qur’aan, - the Word of Allah [azza wa jall]-, allowing their eyes to act as channels by which to seep into their hearts the chosen words of their Lord. Further, they have not forgotten the biographies of the righteous before them - nor do they allow them to be forgotten.

By Allah! Many who were nearing the brink of destruction have been saved as the lives of the righteous have an amazing affect upon the hearts. In truth, the lives of the righteous are like secret keys that have the ability to unblock the blocked spiritual arteries of ones heart. Whosoever regularly reads about the lives of the righteous will soon begin to find a change in ones heart and an uprising of eeman the like of which one may have never have felt before. The hours spent reading their lives in the cosiness of ones home soon turns into a trip back in time… secrets and treasures unfold and the true stance a believer must take in this life unveils. Aims and goals are realised and potentials begin to be actualised; and in this way, the blur of materialism and narrow-mindedness are taken away from ones heart. Let’s make a conscious decision not to be of those who are oblivious to the great legacies of the Muslim Ummah, before it’s too late. Let’s sincerely turn to Allah [azza wa jall] and ask him to save us from being of those who he sends astray; Allah [azza wa jall] says,

“…Say: "Verily, Allâh sends astray whom He wills and guides unto himself those who turn to Him in repentance." [Ar-Ra’d: 27]

Within these dark nights of tribulation and tests let’s take benefit from their lives, just as the night takes benefit from the light of the stars. And then soon, if Allah wills, we will become a people who resist and can not be resisted; a people of self-worth, dignity and spiritualism.