tempratureThere you lie; within 30 minutes your body temperature has now decreased. Your blood has become stagnant; it misses the days when it would gush forth, pumping from the heart to the rest of the body, adding life to life.

The heart that was once a junction, pumping blood around your body, has now cut off all roots and has lost its movement – its very beat. Those tunnels, which we refer to as veins, are now silent: with no life and no energy. Your veins now evidently manifest themselves as they come to the surface, visible for everyone – but you. The lack of oxygen in your blood has caused your body to stiffen; a process which is also referred to as ‘rigor mortis’. The cold plank below your cold body doesn’t help. No, you can’t seek an appointment with your GP nor can you visit the hospital. The GP has forever closed your file and the hospital is no longer in need of your records.

The tongue that once would speak so proudly and freely has now been quietened by the throes of death.  How can you speak - when you can no longer breathe? Your silence is deafening. Your thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions now hold no meaning and have no reality.

The eyes that Allah commanded you to guard are now unusable. Passing to your right and your left are some of the most beloved people to you. Yet you are unable to
open your eyes to have a last look towards them. And how can you open your eyes to see them, since it was they themselves who closed them? Yes, the same family that would become anxious if you overslept have now closed your eyes forever in obedience to the command of the Rasool (sallallahu a’lyhi wasallam):

Umm Salamah said, "Allah's Messenger (sallallahu a’lyhi wa sallam) came in and found Aboo Salamah's eyes staring. He closed them and said, 'Verily when the soul is snatched, the eyes follow it…'” (Saheeh Muslim)

eyesglazedA thin cloudy film has developed over your eyes within only three hours of your death. The very eyes by which you observed the world day in, day out, have now forever lost their function. Ah, and what about your skin?

How many people flaunt the beauty Allah has commanded them to cover with the covering of modesty, dignity and respect? If only they could see you.

Your skin, within only 48 hours of your death, has begun to breed bacteria. The tinge – which began in your lower stomach, has now spread outwards, affecting your hands and feet last- as your skin now has an evidently greenish tone and a marble-like appearance.

Surely the signs are clear – it is time to hand you over to the earth, from which you were created and to which you are - without a doubt - returning.

For your family, these signs are inaudible requests to prepare you for burial.

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