image002Why learn Tajweed:

In the first revelation Allah tells us to
  • Recite the book of Allah
In the second revelation Allah tells us tto
  • Recite the book of Allah correctly
In Surah Muzammil, Allah uses the word Tarteela, it means to recite the Qur’an:
  • Slowly
  • Calculated
  • In a basic rhythm
Meaning of words can be changed if recited or said incorrectly
“If I quoted Snoop Dogg and said ‘Drop it while it’s cold’ you people would be annoyed and call me a fob. But how can we not feel annoyed when someone incorrectly pronounces a word of Qur’an?’
Something to remember:
  • I listen…I forget
  • I see…I remember
  • I practice…I learn
  • I teach…I master

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