sisteronlaptopLaziness is a sister of failure. Keep yourself busy all the time. Take care of your house, do your duties your work or pray, read Qur’an, read useful books or sit with family and friends and talk to them about things that will bring them closer to Allah. Idleness leads to worries, anxiety, devilish whispers and doubts that nothing can relieve except hard work. 

Never look at the past because it makes your future not worth anything, try to move on as you go on. Try to keep your emotions in control whenever you see something that makes your future feel meaningless. Give minimum quality to problems and forget them as you move on with your life. This will make you happier and stronger and make your dreams come true faster inshaa' Allah.

Give thanks to Allah for His blessings and do not waste your time with that which is not pleasing to Him. Seek out that which is beneficial and useful, such as Islamic magazines, beneficial books and articles that will benefit you both in this world and the Hereafter. Call others to the path of Allah with kind words, good exhortation, wisdom, by means of your good behaviour and by setting a good example. Always make the following du'a and ask Allah to protect you from laziness:

“Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min al-hammi wal-hazan wa a’udhu bika min al-‘ajzi wal-kasal wa a’udhu bika min al-bukhli wal-jubn wa a’udhu bika min ghalbat ad-dayn wa qahr ar-rijal"

(O Allah, I seek refuge with You from distress and grief, and I seek refuge with You from incapacity and laziness and grief, and I seek refuge with You from miserliness and cowardice, and I seek refuge in You from the burden of debt and from being over powered by men).

I ask Allaah to guide us to that which He loves and which pleases Him.