Remedy for Whispers (Waswaas) from Shaytaan

Sat, 05 Apr, 2014. Posted in: Jinn, Magic and the Evil Eye. Hits:407.

firaasahintuitionShaytaan tries to trick us in different ways. When we speak about Waswasah (Satanic Whispers), we think it only happens to make us sin, and perpetrate something forbidden. Others think it's to make our faith weak, yet many fail to realise that some are to destroy our lives. Hence, Waswasah happens:

To make us doubt our faith;

To make us doubt our acts of worship;

To make us sin;

To turn us against other believers;

To turn us against people who maintaining ties with will help us to keep our lives at an equilibrium (such as husband, relatives, in-laws);

To make us depressed, down, lonely, and to make us feel dejected;

To make us look silly and stupid;

To make us doubt ourselves, think low of ourselves, hurt ourselves;

To destroy our characters (making us argumentative, proud, haughty, stingy, jealous, etc.)

If a person falls into it trap, they will leave their lives in a state of chaos, lose their respect and peace of mind. So, the only option, O Muslim, is to battle these Waswaas as satan... Read more

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