They ask: why do you segregate

The veil you obligate

Separate seating you allocate

Suppressed, denied, imprisoned and over you they dominate

Your rights they want to abate

In society we will make you achieve and accelerate

Segregation is oppressive and thus we must abrogate


Sit with us and wine and dine

You'll come to see that life is so fine


I reply and sigh

You don't know history and thus you ask me why

Although you call it 'sexual apartheid' to defy and deny

With your preconceived ideas, segregation in Islaam you belie

For me it is an honour, a privilege, a dignity which I apply

You have misunderstood the reasons and wisdoms

Come; sit with me awhile, so you may not remain so hostile


We, by segregating, are hidden from the filthy eyes

History bears witness that in the hearts of many men the devils fly

Women are abused and raped, over dark memories they cry

Yet so many continue to mix with men so as to wine and dine

Making sure they look fine


It’s about reality, so look at it sedately:

Segregation is not always a vice

Islaam shows its side - so nice

Dirty, evil men want to cling to you like lice

You know, so many of them are dirty, just like rats and mice


Our men keep us like petals

Keeping us away from the fierce wind that blows

Because within man’s blood satan flows

We are the diamonds, pearls and jewels

Not shown to just anyone as many men are such fools

So many look at women as merely sexual tools


I segregate and protect myself,

As women are more valuable than any wealth

Making sure to protect the beauty God has bestowed

Thanking him with obedience and words aloud

Thus I am not oppressed and the one undressed

How many women are raped - suffering from distress?

Their answer is Islaam, the path from which many, sadly, digress


Many women have been cheated on and used

But it’s strange, towards me you look bemused

Come join our caravan

And feel cherished and protected

You'll come to see that we are not outdated


Following the injunctions of the Lord, most High

The Creator of all that exists and everything you can list

This message should not be missed

The Paradise we want, to live within its midst

The Creator knows us best

Although for Muslim women, you see it as a test

Wake up and realise lest

On the Day of Reckoning you are from those people who didn’t win the test


I end with these words

Maybe angering the herds

That this is liberation

Freeing oneself from the shackles of oppression

Look at it from the light of truth and not detestation...