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A Teacher of the Qur'aan Dies, His finger Pointing to the Words of Allaah

Thu, 13 Nov, 2014. Posted in: Death and the Grave. Hits:208.

This is final act of Shaykh Abdur-Razzaaq Al-Halabi. He was a teacher of the Qur'aan and its 10 modes of recitation in ‪Syria‬.


His finger remains pointing to the Words of Allah that he loved, taught & lived- inshaa'Allah.

Ya Allaah! Accept him into Your Mercy, forgive him & raise him high in Jannah.

O Allaah! increase him and do not deprive him, honour him and let him not be disgraced

O Allaah! Grant him for every letter of the Qur'aan, sweetness. For every word, honour. For every Aayah, joy and for every Soorah, Peace.

O Allaah! Admit him to Jannah by virtue of the Qur'aan’s intercession and let each verse be witness for him, O Allaah.

Ya Allaah! Bless me with an end like his after a long life serving Your Book like him!


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