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Catholic Priest Wakes Up From Coma After 17 Months, Converts To Islam

Mon, 13 Oct, 2014. Posted in: Reverts. Hits:209.

catholic priest 1Jakarta | A catholic priest from the island of Java in Indonesia who has woken up from a 17 month long coma has converted himself to Islam after the man claims Allah spoke to him and showed him “the beauty of the heavens”.

The 87-year old priest from Spain has lived and preached on the island for more then 43 years and is fluent in Javanese and various dialects of the different ethnic groups of the island and is a well known and respected figure amongst all religious groups of the area.

The man who has suffered a cardiac arrest while helping local volunteers to fix the roof of his own church and fell an incredible two stories high has managed to survive and come out of his coma, in brittle shape, yet a changed man.

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                                                (Priest Eduardo Vincenzo Maria...

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