qurandrawnFULL NAME: ‘Aasim bin Bahdalah Abee al-Najood al-Koofee (d. 127).

  1. He was from the seven prominent Qurraa’.
  2. ‘Aasim Ibn Abee Najood was an eminent recitor of Kufa and was in the time of Imam Abu Hanifah. Imaam Abu Hanifah resided between Kufa and Baghdad. Imaam ‘Aasim died in 127AH, Imaam Abu Hanifah died in 150AH.
  3. Imaam ‘Aasim taught for years in the Masjid, so much so that he became famous and people from all around the world came to learn and study from him.
  4. Hafs was the step-son of ‘Aasim. Although ‘Aasim had many students, Hafs and ‘Aasim were the most famous (most, if not all, of the Imaams of the recitations have 2/3 famous students which spread their way of recitation.)
  5. Today the majority read the riwaayah of Imaam hafs through the tareeq of Imaam Ash-Shaatibee.
  6. He was blessed with a melodious voice and people were spellbound whenever they heard his Qiraa’ah.
  7. Many scholars narrated his qiraa’ah. Prominent among them were: Ibn Taghlab, Hafs bin Sulaymaan, Hammaad bin Yazeed and Abu bakr bin ‘Ayyaash.

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