qurandrawnFULL NAME: Hamzah bin Habeeb bin ‘Ummaarah bin Ismaaeel al-Zayyaat (d. 156)

  1. He was one of the seven prominent Qurraa’
  2. He was the client of Banoo Tameem.
  3. He was known for his ascetism and sound knowledge.
  4. Whenever he recited the Qur’aan, he left a good impression on the minds of people.
  5. He used to trade oil from Koofah to Halwan and cheese and almond from Halwan to Koofah.
  6. Many qurr’aa narrated his Qiraa’ah; prominent among them were:

- Ibraahem Adham

- Al Kissaee

- Yahya bin Ziyaad al-Farraa’.

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