A crippled brother has been crawling daily to the Masjid for the past 65 years.

sisteranddaughterIn a remote tiny village in Saudi Arabia, an old crippled man crawling to the nearby mosque has been one of the the most familiar of scenes. Some of those who have watched this man doing so have themselves died now, yet he still continues on at the age of now nearly 76. Asiri has crawled to and from the Masjid in his southern village of Alaziza five times a day for nearly 65 years, defying the scorching desert summer heat and the pinching cold weather in winter.

Since he was a little boy, Abdullah Al-Asiri has never missed his daily prayers, and insists on performing it at the mosque despite the fact that he handicapped.

Asiri was born handicapped in a family of 10, including his parents, they are three brothers and four sisters. His brothers, sisters, sisters-in-law, many nephews and nieces have been looking after him throughout his life.

His nephew Abdul Aziz said he shot this film of his uncle to “underscore his perseverance, determination and strength.”

He said the film, published in Sabq Arabic language daily, has so far been viewed by at least 600,000 people.

Also another video of a brother from Turkey by the name of Yaseen. He is handicapped (has only one leg). It is amazing that this video shows Yaseen still praying after finishing the prayer of Qiyaam in Ramadhaan. You can see in the video people around him sitting and resting after finishing the Qiyaam prayer while he is still praying on one leg.

Then how comes some of us Muslim women are even lazy praying at home on time, within the comfort of our homes.

THAT's something really to think about.