Sheikh Mustapha al-Majzoub from Sydney, Australia has been martyred in Syria. A truly beautiful brother who benefited so many with his knowledge. One of his last statuses before he was martyred was,

"Inshallah this Eid is going to be special, wallahi the spirit is high and the achievement is great."

Subhanallah how true were his words. Insha'Allah he celebrates his Eid in the heavens.

Words of Sheikh Mustafa Majzoub about his wife.

keep going"Wallahi, if there is anyone I'd like to describe as a warrior and a hero, it'll be my wife Rawya (Umm Amaar) she made the great sacrifice of sending her husband across the oceans and the lands, she gave up her comfort of being close to her husband for the sake of benefiting people she never met, she carried the risk of never seeing her husband again in this world, she carried the heavy load of looking after our 3 children alone and never complained. Wallahi when she found out I'm travelling far away she didn't complain once, rather she only said "I hope to be with you in Jannah if we don't meet again in this world" and she said to me not to worry about my children and that she'll never marry anyone again if I was to be martyred. I thank her for everything and I thank Allah from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with her and I ask Allah to reward her immensely for being the best friend I could ever have.
Wallahi I would never think of having any other wife second to her because "She's all I can ask for".

Subhaan'Allaah. May Allaah Almighty bless this Sister. Aameen.

A Lecture by Sheikh Mustafa Majzoub:

Tears of the Brave