qurandrawnFULL NAME: Abu Ma’bad, ‘Abd Allah ibn Kathee bin Al-Mutallib Al-Qurayshi al-Daaree al-Makki (d. 120 AH)

  1. He was born in the year 45 Al-Hijara
  2. He knew some of the Sahaaba such as Abu Ayub Al-Ansaari and Anas bin Maalak and others, so he is of the Taabi’een.
  3. He read the complete Qur’an to Abdullah Ain As-Saa’ib and was approved by him and others.
  4. One of the seven prominent authorities on the qiraa’ah.
  5. He was born and died in Makkah and was regarded as the Imaam of Qiraa’ah in Makkah.
  6. He was a tall person with a fair complexion.
  7. He possessed a command over the Arabic language.
  8. He was famous for his eleqouence and fluency.
  9. Many scholars learnt Qiraa’ah from him.
  10. Ibn Katheer was known to be have a tranquil disposition and qahhaar.
  11. Imaam Ash-Shaaf’iee read the recitation of Ibn Katheer.
  12. He died in the year 120 Al-Hijara, Rahimahu Allah.

The recitation of Ibn Katheer has two raawees, al-Bazzee and Qunbul, and both of them took the reading from an in between link, not directly from Imam Ibn Katheer himself, but from a mastered reciter who took the reading from Ibn Katheer.

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