Shaykh Khaled Bouchafaa

Khaled Bouchafaa has been teaching Quran and tajweed for the last 22 years in various Islamic colleges and masjids. Sheikh Khaled recites Quran with riwayat Hafs by the Shatibiyah tariq and riwayat Warsh by the Al-Azraq tariq.

Currently, he is a teacher of Quran in the largest Islamic School of Australia, is a volunteer Imam and provides tajweed lessons in English and Arabic in his local area. He has been authorised by the Qurra to teach this sacred knowledge of tajweed and Quran.

He began his studies of Qiraat in Algeria from Sheikh Sharati rhm (who was the student of Sheikh Abdul-Aziz abul Uyun as-Sud) and from Sheikh Ahmed Ma'but (who was the student of Sheikh Bakri at Tarabishi). He acquired further knowledge from eminent Scholars of Qiraat in Damascus (Sheikh Abu Sulayman az Zabibi, Sheikh Abdur Razaq al Halabi and Abu Usamah Basha, Imam of Jami' al Qitat, Rhm).

In addition, he has studied with the Egyptian qari, Sheikh Hassan Marzug al Jizzi. He completed khatma in riwayt Hafs min tariq Ashatibiyha, with Sheikh Mutassim Al-Jarrah and riwayat Warsh min tariq Al-Azraq, with Sheikh Khaled Barakat who is the Sheikh Qurra Akkar in Lebanon.

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