bookingrassAfter searching for bodies of the martyrs in one of the areas of Ash-Shaam, the brothers came across the body of a 16 year old teenage boy who died as a Martyr (Inshaa'Allaah). They found in his pocket a small notebook which he would use to record his sins during the week, (If only we could call them sins)!!!

Monday: I slept without being upon Wudhoo'.

Tuesday: I laughed with a loud voice.

Wednesday: I prayed Qiyaam Al-Layl in a fast manner.

Thursday: When we were playing i scored a goal and i felt proud.

Friday: I didnt repeat 1000 prayers on the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and instead only reached 700.

Saturday: One of the army generals gave Salaam to me and beat me to it.

Sunday: I forgot the morning Adhkaar.

And the shocking thing is that he is in the arena of Jihaad, so where are we and our children when it comes to self accountability.

We must learn a lesson from this young Shaheed.

Allaah (ﷻ) says:

{And turn to your lord in repentance and be submissive to Him}.

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