beautiful-infrared-photographyThis is the story of how even a dog benefited from good companionship...

Many of us will read this Soorah (Chapter 18) on Fridays yet many of the benefits from the Soorah might slip the attention of most common people.

One of such, is the mentioning of the dog in the story of the sleepers of the cave. What is the meaning of bringing up the mention of a dog, whose saliva is considered impure and the very ownership of it will cause the owner to decrease in reward, not to mention that the Angels will not come close to a place where there are dogs present?! So then, what is the purpose of mentioning this animal?

The name of the dog was Qitmeer, it was said that he was the hunting dog of one of the people or that he was the dog of the king’s cook, who shared the religious views of these young muslim men, and brought his dog with him.

Imaam Ibn Kathir (rahimahullah) says in his famous Tafseer:

Ibn Jurayj said,

“He was guarding the door for them.”

It was his nature and habit to lie down at their door as if guarding them. He was sitting outside the entrance of the cave, because the angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog, as was reported in As-Saheeh, nor do they enter a house in which there is an image, a person in state of ritual impurity or a disbeliever, as was narrated in the Hasan Hadith.

The blessing they enjoyed extended to their dog, so the sleep that overtook them overtook him too. This is the benefit of accompanying good people, and so this dog attained fame and stature.

Source: Tafseer Ibn Katheer Soorah Al-Kahf.