hijabiquranWithin the darkness of the night can be heard the soothing and melodious words of the Qur’aan... There is nothing which can quench the innate, deep thirst and need for the closeness with Allah, our Creator and Master, as does the Qur’aan. For, it is His Words, His Expressions, His Laws, His Promises, His Descriptions and yes, His very Speech.

Each chapter brings to light facts long forgotten and ignored by the lost and confused soul, with unmatched exquisite precision, eloquence and divine injunction. In this way, the believing woman is energised and truly perceives her natural disposition in a way unfelt before. She unravels mysteries which philosophers failed to discern from the thousands of books written by man; rather, these uninspired books are covered in dust, in which the ink has become dry and faded due to the many years that have elapsed. Such books written by man lay forgotten, unattended; slowly they are being eaten away by time and small paper-insects upon bookshelves and within attics around the world. Yet, the Qur’aan continues to be alive… both in the hearts of men and within the shining pages of the masaahif.

Each word quenches the one athirst for spirituality - something devoid in today’s corporeal world and experienced only by the few. Each letter fills the light scales with heavy rewards.

Each verse, like a star in the sky, guides those willing to walk aright upon the straight path, to arrive at Paradise’s door. Therein the believers will abide eternally in untainted bliss, enjoyment and pleasure.

Eradicating oppression by its root, undoing the shackles of misuse, uplifting the status of women of all times and places, covering painful, dark memories, as it blows towards women the cover of modesty and respect, bringing them closer to paradise and its delights and away from hellfire and its painful, agonizing torture.

Let’s regain the lost self and come closer to our Lord, the Almighty, the All-Knower and the Aware of every single atom that is and will come into existence.

My Sister, it is the very Speech of the Lord that created both you and I, and who even created the undiscovered minute creatures of the sea. This Book has the ability to enhance and discover your innate and pure disposition in a way no other book can.

The question is: Are you willing to begin this spiritual journey now?