one of your closest friends were to be visiting your city, would you like to spend the most time with them? Would you ignore them if they were visiting only for a few days?


Well then just like that Ramadan is in town! The days are numbered, which means we have to spend most of our time coming close to our BEST FRIEND, Allah!

What better way to come close than to read the Qur'an?

Just like friends, we cannot ALWAYS hang out with the Qur'an, so here are small tips which can help one maintain a strong bond with it:

• Have a small Qur'an translation with Arabic and English text which can fit in your bag

• READ at least 2 ayahs when you are in the car/bus as a passenger

• If you are waiting for someone then you can read 2 ayahs and ponder on the meaning

• Share and discuss the 2 ayahs you read with your family members or friends (through word of mouth)

• If you work, then try to read Qur'an in your break time

• If you go to school, then read and share the verses of the Qur'an at lunch time

• Connect your friends with the Qur'an as well

• Download the Quran in the voice of your favourite Qari on your mp3 or ipod and listen to it while driving or transporting from one place to another

• I would personally suggest reading a few verses of the Quran after every fard salah. After all this is Ramadan. We must do extra

Lets recite, understand, and share this Qur'an during this special month! It is given to us by Allah for guidance.

Did you know? Allah speaks to His servants through the Quran when they read it with understanding. Every person wants to talk with their loved ones and spend time with them. So - spend time talking to Allah this month with the Quran.

{This is the Book, whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqûn (Allah Conscious).} [al-Baqarah:2]


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