29 March 2013

A bride along with her three sisters and a brother died in a tragic car accident in Hafr Al-Batin yesterday.

She was heading to prepare for her wedding night but Allah's destiny was that night to be her first in the grave.

Her wedding dress was in the midst of the dirt and rubble.

Several witnesses said three women and the driver had their index fingers confirming shahadah, while the cell phone of one woman was reciting the Qur'an.

An officer said he heard some of them say the Shahadah.

The very last tweet of the brother before his final journey was a picture of a grave reminding people to prepare for it.

One of the witnesses said every single female's purse he opened had a Qur'an in it.

The Imam of their local Masjid said they were a pious family.

Are we ready to meet Allah in a sudden death (May Allah protect us from harm and tragedy)? If so, will it be righteous death, a good ending with Shahadah and Qur'an?


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