sistersmemorizingIt is a fact that just as was the case in the past, today also many disbelievers are levying great efforts in trying to take the message of the Qur’aan away from the hearts of the Muslims. This is evident not only from the fact that people have been incited to burn the Qur’aan, as mentioned in the previous article, but by many other cases, such as the suggestion that the verses which mention Jihaad in the Qur’aan be taken out and a new version of the Qur’aan be introduced in its place.

Such attempts come about due to ignorance over the fact that the Qur’aan has no ‘versions’, unlike the Bible. They fail to realize that the Qur’aan can’t be adulterated, as history clearly attests from the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him, right up till this day. That’s why projects such as “The True Furqan”, which was an attempt by Christian missioners to confuse ignorant people by portraying the Christian Gospel message by way of the Qur’anic style, was doomed to fail miserably, as was certainly the case, even if great manpower and thousands were spared and spent in efforts to make it successful. How unwise a move, how unproductive and unrealistic an attempt! This is because it is a fact that the Qur’aan is the unaltered word of Allah Almighty and that it is the greatest of miracles in the hands of the Muslims today. Any attempt to change the Words of Allah will be unaccepted, as the Muslim Ummah will never and can never accept such absurdity, for Allah Almighty has unequivocally declared in the Qur’aan:

‘’We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption).”

(Al-Hijr – Stone land: 9)

One of the reasons that such attempts have failed and will fail miserably is because thousands of Muslims around the globe memorize the Qur’aan by heart, as did many before them. Yes, we are a nation that does not solely depend on the copies (Masaahif) of the Qur’aan. Rather, for many of us the illuminated verses of the Qur’aan shine and glow within our hearts and on our tongues, without our eyes having to look upon sheets of paper created by man. This is the way of the Prophet (peace be upon him) who was Unlettered (Ummi), the way of his Companions and the way of the blessed Muslims who followed in their footsteps.

desert1_optBut not only were men blessed to complete this momentous task, women in the past also didn’t, and even today don’t, lag behind in undertaking this arduous, yet honorable task. Their heart-felt drive, deep love and attachment as Muslim women for the Qur’aan, the very Words of their Creator, was and is enough of an incentive for them to wholeheartedly take on this noble task, regardless of the difficulty and time that must be invested in its pursuit.

On the other hand, it’s worrying that many of our sisters today are easily swayed by the influences of the disbelievers, and worse still, many others are weak in front of the doubts put forth by them. But the Muslim woman who has memorized the Qur’aan sincerely, the Haafidhah, has no one to truly fear, love and place hope in but her Lord. This is because she has been endowed with knowledge of the Qur’aan, hence she acts as a soldier guarding the words of her Lord by her heart and by way of her tongue. You will find her amidst the hustle and bustle of her day-to-day chores and busy routine reciting the words of her Lord from the slate of her heart while she aims to lead a meek life as a slave totally submersed in the ocean of remembrance of the Divine, her guide being the Qur’aan, her destination paradise.

So we must ask ourselves the question: In the midst of all this confusion and turmoil, what is our role, as Muslim women, towards the Qur’aan? What is our responsibility and how do we effectuate that responsibility within the limited lifespan designated for us by Allah Almighty in the life of this world?

Dear Sisters, let’s arise to be women who guard the Qur’aan with our hearts, deeds and tongues, as did the women before us. Let’s become women who are not solely in need of paper with verses of the Qur’an written on it, let’s become women who work hard to imprint its verses on our heart, let’s purify our hearts for this mission. Let’s allow the Qur’aan to let us envision the world for what it truly is as the Noble Qur’aan, the Criterion, brings faith upon faith and light upon light, allowing and giving the chance to each individual to reach spiritual heights. Yes, it spreads its illumination into the dark and gloomy difficulties of this life, as it provides solutions and much needed comfort.

The following information is for every sister who has either memorized the Book of Allah, and even more so for the one who sincerely wants to or has already commenced this spectacular journey. This is because for one to undertake the long and difficult journey of memorizing the Qur’aan one needs to have provisions, which will act as a support and motivation on this journey. These provisions are:

1) Where the destination lies.

2) The understanding and realization of the mighty task one is going to undertake.

3) What impediments lie on the path.

4) The available shortcuts to reach one’s destination swiftly and efficiently.

Amazing_sceneryAnd as a final reminder, truly this life is only a place of delusion and deceit. Its days are short-lived; yet, the deeds lastingly weigh heavy on the scale. Let’s use our time wisely and efficiently; let’s not waste a second that reaches us; let’s become companions of the Qur’aan, never forsaking it, always referring back to it. Let’s memorize its verses and firmly imprint them in these hearts that are design to imprint. Let’s use the energy Allah has bestowed upon us to run through the valleys and paths that lay within the secret folds of the pages we so seldom turn to. For, it doesn’t matter how much time we invest into it, it will never be enough; you will always be in need of more, as long as you continue to breathe and as long as your heart continues to beat by the permission of Allah.

Let’s ensconce the verses of Allah into our beings, allowing them to flow through our veins and become deep rooted within our thought patterns. Let’s dive into the ocean of knowledge, let’s learn the verses of Allah so that in times of need we can hear Allah’s speech when we need counsel and reconciliation – for surely no one can advise as your Creator can, who knows every thought that runs through your mind, every emotion that clouds your judgment and every weakness that you so cleverly conceal from the eyes of men.

The fact remains that although many of our hearts are not as pure as the hearts of the righteous that preceded us, we must hope in Allah that He eases our affairs and guides us to that which He loves so that we can be from the Haafidhaat. Let’s supplicate to the Almighty Allah:

‘O Allah bless us all with the title of “Haafidhah”, a title of honor and respect, that encompasses all those women who responded to Your verse,