qurandrawnFULL NAME: Uthmaan ibn Sa ‘eed Al-Qibtee al-Misree.

  • He was born in Egypt in 110 AH.
  • Imaam Warsh had travelled from Egypt to Madinatul Munawarrah. He stayed in Madinah for a long time, so as to learn from Imaam Naaf’i.
  • He was known as “Warsh” because of his fair, reddish complexion and blue eyes.
  • He was fond of wearing short clothes and resembled al-Warshaan – a famous bird.
  • Naafi’ called him “Warsh” out of love.
  • He was gifted with a melodious voice, and his recitation always captivated the listeners.
  • He had a student by the name of Al Azraq who finished the Qur’aan 60 times with him before Imaam Warsh granted him the permission to spread this Riwaayah. Therefore, Imam Warsh recited to Imam Naafi' a number of complete recitations of the Qur'an and then returned to Egypt and taught people there for a long time. He became a distinguished authority on Qiraa’ah during his time in Egypt.
  • This riwaayah is prevalent in North Africa, Andulus, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, parts of Libya from the tareeq (way/method) of  Al Azraq, which is the tareeq of Imaam ash-Shaatibi.

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