qurandrawnFULL NAME: ‘Abdullah Abu Imraan al-Yahsoobee (d. 118).

  1. He was nicknamed Abu ‘Imraan.
  2. Ibn ‘Aamir was born in the year 21 Al-Hijarah, and some say 8 Al-Hijarah.
  3. He became a leader of recitation in Sham and was a great imam and a noble taabi’ –one of those who met up and knew some of the Sahaabah.Therefore, he was the religious leader of the people of Syria.
  4. He was appointed the chief judge of Damascus and Imaam of the central Masjid (the Umawee mosque) of Damascu and the leader of the recitors.
  5. He was very learned and one of the seven prominent Qurraa’.
  6. The Caliph ‘Umar bin ‘Abdul ‘Azeez also recognized his authority.
  7. A large number of people benefited from his qiraa’ah.
  8. Yahya bin al-Haarith, ‘Abd al-Rahmaan bin ‘Amr and Khallaad bin Yazeed were the prominent qurraa’ who narrate his qiraa’ah.
  9. He died in Damascus in the year 118 Al-Hijarah, may Allah be merciful to him.

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