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- Powerpoint Presentation on the life of Imaam Maalik (Download)
- Informative PDF on the life of Imaam Maalik (Download).
Excellent Powerpoint Presentation on the life of Imaam Ash-Shaafi'ee (Download).
Imaam Shafi’ee Visits Imaam Ahmad – A Strange Incident With A Beautiful Explanation!
  • Imaam ibn Al Jazari One of the seven famous reciters.
  • Imaam ibn al-Qayyim Abu `Abdillah, Shamsuddin Muhammad, son of Abu Bakr, son of Ayyub, son of Sa`d, son of Hurayz, of Damascus. He is best known as Ibn ul-Qayyim (Son of the Custodian), named so after al-Jawziyyah school in Damascus which was under custody of his father. His family was one of honor and knowledge.
  • Muhammad al Ameen ash-Shanqeetee The great Mufassir (Commentator) of the Qur'aan.
  • Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab -A renowned Reviver and a great Reformer.
  • Nafi' ibn Abi Nu'aym the teacher of Imaam Maalik ibn Anas and one of the seven famous reciters.
  • Thaabit al Bunaani the Companion of Anas [May Allah be Pleased with Him].
  • Silah ibn Ashyam a great narrator of hadeeth as well as from those who strived in worship.


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